Temporary Storage

Whether you’re restoring your home, staging it for a sale, or simply renovating it for your own use, the question inevitably arises: “where am I going to put my stuff?”

With temporary storage solutions from Storage 2U, you’ll have no trouble keeping your possessions secure without leaving them in your home. We offer portable storage units that we deliver to your home. Our mobile containers provide an excellent solution for onsite storage. Our goal is to provide every family in the Central Oregon, NW Oregon and SW Washington areas with clean, safe storage space, whenever they need it.

About Portable Storage

Storage 2U offers portable temporary storage units in multiple sizes, which we deliver directly to your home. These waterproof, ventilated units keep your items safe from the elements, so you can store them outside your home without worry. They are also highly secure against theft and fit easily into parking spaces and other convenient areas. Combined with our affordable rents and extended return policies, we give you the flexibility to store your items for as long as you need.

Onsite Storage

Delivering portable units to your home makes short-term storage a breeze! Our portable storage containers provide an added level of security, along with the option of climate controlled storage wherever you need it. Onsite storage is ideal for anyone who is engaging in:

* Restoration & Renovation- When you’re restoring or renovating your home, you often need to remove furniture and carpeting from the inside. Depending on what materials they’re made from, these furnishings may have to be stored in climate-controlled facilities so they do not deteriorate. Our onsite storage units can meet these and other needs.

Remodeling- Remodeling your home frequently requires removing interior items for even longer periods of time. Onsite storage is one of the most convenient and affordable ways to hold onto your items while you’re doing this.

Construction- If you’re building a new addition to your house or a new house entirely, onsite storage gives you a place to put your stuff until you’ve finished building.

Transitions- When transitioning to a new home, you may not be able to transport all of your possessions at once. Onsite storage gives you somewhere to put them in the meantime.

Home Staging- When seeking to sell your house, it’s important to begin the staging process early, which is why many homeowners do so before they’ve bought a new home. With onsite storage, you can move out your items and get the house ready for staging even without a new house to put everything in.

For more information on the benefits of temporary storage or to reserve your own portable, onsite storage unit, contact Storage 2U today online or call (800)-667-2670.

*Climate Controlled Units are Only Available in Central Oregon