Contractor Storage

“First, do no harm.” This principle is often cited by doctors, but it is every bit as applicable to home remodeling and restoration companies. In your attempt to add value and beauty to clients’ homes, you first have to make sure that you’re not damaging anything that they own. But that’s only possible if you can remove all possessions from the room that you’re remodeling so that they don’t get damaged while you’re at work. Storage 2U offers a host of storage options tailored specifically to the needs of remodeling and restoration professionals. With our help, you can enhance your clients’ home without causing any damage to their prized possessions.

Storage 2U provides secure storage solutions to renovation and remodeling businesses who need a place to store equipment or for their customers to store their furniture or other household belongings. Each storage unit is completely portable and designed to withstand most weather conditions, attempted break-ins, or other risks on the job-site.

Convenient Storage Options for Remodeling Projects

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Storage 2U is committed to making it as simple and convenient as possible for you to move your clients’ items out of harm’s way. To this end, we offer:

Direct Delivery- Rather than making you bring the items to a storage facility or transport the container yourself, we will deliver a storage container directly to you. This means you don’t have to waste time and energy on transportation, allowing you to focus on the remodeling work you’ve been hired to do. This also saves you from having to get the right kind of vehicle to transport our container or your items; since you’re not doing the driving, it doesn’t matter what cars or trucks you have.

Flexible Space- Our storage containers have ample space for your clients’ possessions, and are easy to load and unload without any specialized equipment. For this reason, you will be able to move all of the items you’re storing into and out of the container at will. This also makes it easy to move items from one room out of the storage container and then fill it with items from another room, in case you’re remodeling multiple rooms in succession.

Persistent Protection- Storage 2U invests in the strongest, most reliable storage containers for businesses. All of our units are carefully insulated against the elements, so that dirt, dust, moisture, and other threats do not harm your clients’ possessions. As a result, you can give those items back to your clients in the same condition they started out in, ensuring that the customers are fully satisfied with your work.

Location Leniency- Storage 2U gives you the option of keeping your storage container on site, allowing you to load and unload it without hesitation throughout the remodeling process. But if you prefer to take it away from your worksite, we will transport it back to our facility and watch over it until you need it back. This is ideal if your worksite is hazardous, limited in space, or a long-term project.

Either case, we will handle all of the transportation and make sure that you get the storage space you need as soon as you need it.
Storage 2U is committed to making sure that remodelers and all other professionals have access to affordable, flexible storage space. Contact us to learn more about storage container availability and delivery arrangements.