Residential Onsite Storage Containers

At Storage 2U, our goal is to make the storage and moving process as convenient as possible for our customers. Whether you need temporary storage during a home remodel, are starting the process of moving to a new home, or need a convenient storage solution for your home that will give you back your garage space, our portable storage containers for residential properties are the solution. With our help, you can have a portable storage unit delivered directly to your home, which you can pack at your convenience in your own driveway. If you need temporary storage or moving help, Storage 2U has your needs covered. For additional information to help with your moving and storage needs, visit our Resource Area.

A Convenient Portable Storage Solution Storage-2U-packing

When you need long-term or temporary portable storage for your home, you need the storage solution to be convenient. That’s exactly what Storage 2U offers – our portable storage solution lets you address your storage needs without the hassle of locked storage where your valuables are subject to damage and theft. Our portable storage containers were designed specifically for your convenience. Our weatherproof storage containers feature double wide, locking doors that make it easy to move your items in and out. Our generous units are wide enough to allow you to arrange and rearrange your items inside of the storage unit. If you’re looking to store and more your valuables, we take the hassle out of the packing and moving process. Instead of trying to move your belongings into a big, awkward box truck, a portable moving storage unit is low-to-the-ground. It’s easy to step inside and load and unload, without struggle or the need to manage a lift gate or ramp.

Our portable residential storage units were designed with double swing doors that easily open and securely close. This creates an opening six feet wide, giving ample space to bring your items in and out, even when moving bulky furniture. You can also load the unit without the fear of a roll up door that may come crashing down on you.

At Storage 2U, we take the safety and protection of your belongings seriously. Our storage units can be securely locked, so you can load at your convenience, right in your driveway, then lock the doors when you’re ready for a break. You also never have to fear the weather, as our storage units are built on an industrial steel frame, with a weather-resistant design. No matter what the weather chooses to do, your belongings will be kept safe and protected.

We Deliver Storage Containers to You

At Storage 2U, we add to the convenience of portable storage by bringing storage containers to you. We will bring a secure, lockable residential storage container right to your home, deposit it in your driveway, and leave you to fill it at your convenience. We will schedule a time for drop off that works around your schedule, even if that means an evening or weekend time. Then, when you are done, simply give us a call to schedule your pickup, and we will come get the storage container from your home. You don’t have to hassle with a moving truck at all, and avoid the frustration that comes with multiple trips back and forth from your storage unit across town. Everything takes place in your driveway, on a time frame that works for you.

You can rent our portable residential storage containers by the month, if you wish, unlike moving trucks that charge by the day or even the hour. This allows you to organize your home and pack at a leisurely pace, knowing that you are not adding to the cost of your storage container by taking your time. Take as long as you need, then let us move the container to your storage space or temporary storage location when you are ready.

Portable Storage Sizes

Whether you are moving into a new home or have a temporary need to store some of your belongings, our residential portable storage solutions are the right choice. We offer two different storage container sizes for your convenience. Our 16-foot unit offers 1,024 square feet of packing space, or approximately three to four rooms of belongings. This unit holds the same amount as a 20-foot truck. If you need more space, consider our 20-foot model, which holds four to five rooms worth of space and measures 1,280 square feet. This unit holds as much as a 24-foot truck.

Schedule Your Residential Storage Container Delivery Today

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of portable storage for your home? Schedule delivery of your storage container today, skip the moving truck, and store your belongings safely and securely in a time frame that works for you. With Storage 2U, residential portable storage just got easier.