Restaurant Storage

When it comes to running a successful and sanitary restaurant, effective storage is of paramount importance. Not only do you need to store food items so that they do not decay before you use them, but you also have to keep food storage somewhere that is convenient so you can get them without delay. With portable business storage units from Storage 2U, you’ll have no trouble preserving and accessing every item you need for your restaurant.

What are Portable Storage Units?

As their name implies, portable storage units are storage units that can be easily moved around, rather than being rooted to a particular location. They are distinct from secure

storage units, which are housed in a single location and cannot be moved. Portable storage containers have a number of benefits over their secure counterparts, including:

Location Flexibility- Portable storage units can be delivered directly to any of your facilities and transferred as needed. This provides you a high degree of flexibility in how and where you store your goods. For businesses that need to move items around on a regular basis, portable storage is ideal.

Space Shifting- With portable storage, you can move your storage units out of the way if you ever need to use the space they currently occupy for something else. By contrast, secure storage will always take up the same area of your property, unless you store your items offsite, but that makes them less accessible.

Capacity Changes- Many businesses need to increase or decrease their storage capacity on a regular basis, whether at a particular facility or overall. Portable storage makes this easier, as you can just have more storage units delivered to any location where you need to store more.

Portable containers are an easy solution for everyday storage needs. Overall, for most items that you need access to on a daily basis, portable storage containers are the most convenient and effective way to hold onto them.

Portable Storage for the Food Service Industry

Of all the businesses that can use portable storage, restaurants and other food service companies are especially likely to benefit. Such companies need to store relatively large amounts of food, beverages, plates, and other delicate or perishable items on site. They also frequently need to expand their storage capacity, especially if they’re expecting a large increase in the number of customers they will be serving. Portable storage containers allow them to meet all of these needs, tailoring their storage capacity to changes in demand.

How Does it Work?

Storage 2U delivers portable restaurant storage equipment directly to your premises. We offer units in multiple different sizes and with a variety of capabilities, including cold storage for holding produce and other perishable items. We let you select the exact item or items you need, charging you based on the size of each unit and the number of months you use it for.

Don’t pass up secure and convenient storage. Contact us today for a free quote and reserve a portable storage unit for your restaurant!