I need to change the dates that I put on the reservation, how can I do that?

Wait for confirmation email that will be sent, after you have completed the rental agreement through OmniView. Your order has not been created before this step has been made. After this is completed you can make changes to the reservation dates.

When will the 1st charge be processed and what will it be?

The 1st charge will be on the same day as the delivery. It will be the delivery and pick up fee, 1st 28 days rent. We are on a 28 day month for billing.

I do not use email; how do I submit my reservation?

Call our company phone number, 1-800-667-2670 and leave a message requesting a phone call back to set up your order.

Can you refund the rent if we schedule a pick-up before the month is up?

No, unfortunately, we do not refund the rent.

Do the pods stay level when loading/un-loading?

Yes, we use a remote control forklift on one end of the pod and wheels sets on the other end to load and unload the pod from our trailer to your location. We can keep the pod level while we do this so that the contents of your pod do not shift around. (hyperlink of video from website)

Does the driveway, or place we want the pod parked, need to be level?

No, our pods have a steel pallet under the floor which allows them to be placed in areas where it is unlevel. We can deliver a pod to any place that we can fit the pod, not matter if it dirt, gravel or paved. If you would like the pod to be leveled on one end all we would need for you to provide us with the blocks to place under the pod.

Still have questions? Contact us online, call 1-800-667-2670, or visit our resource center for more information.