Portable Storage Moving in Central Oregon, NW Oregon and SW Washington

Make the Move a Smart Move

Moving is already a stressful, time to consume and physically draining experience. Don’t move the hard way, move the smart way with Storage 2U moving storage units. We are your local home storage and moving solution.

Take as long as you need

We make it the smart move by bringing the portable moving storage unit to you which allows you as much time as you need to organize and load it up before we come back to move it to your next location. After we bring the portable moving storage container to your new home, apartment or condo you get to keep it as long as you need to unload it.


Designed for convenience

Forget the big, awkward hard to drive box trucks and forget those long ramps or lift-gates that make loading and unloading a complicated and dangerous event. Our portable moving storage units get delivered to you and are super low to the ground making loading them up a breeze. Plus, our portable storage units have easy to open double doors that open up to over 6 feet wide so, no more heavy roll up doors for you to deal with.

Low Entrance Loading

Load and unload right at your front door

Since we bring the portable moving container to you, you won’t be wasting time and money running back and forth between your home and the mini storage facility. You are also much more likely to damage your vehicle and your stuff loading and unloading it while going back and forth to the mini storage. When you use Storage 2U portable moving storage containers, you only have to load it and unload it once and you can let us do the driving.


Our portable moving storage containers can be rented by the month which allows you the time to organize and pack at your pace, and our moving storage unit prices are very economical. Don’t be rushed by a limited timeline on a moving truck. If your new home isn’t ready to move into you can simply keep your stuff safe and secure in our mobile storage unit.