Cold Storage

* Storage 2U Provides Solutions for Portable Cold Storage

From breweries to restaurants to hospitals to grocery stores, countless businesses and organizations rely on cold storage to keep their inventory intact. Foods, beverages, insulin, and other items with biological components need to stay within a certain temperature range. Not only does going above that range lead to spoilage, but excessive cold temperatures can break, freezer-burn, or otherwise compromise these items. You need precise, consistent electric cold storage equipment to store perishables.

Traditionally, businesses have relied on stationary cold storage to keep perishable items at the right temperature. While such units work fine if you operate within a centralized location, they create problems if you perform your work from trucks, subsidiary locations, and other dispersed sites. With portable cold storage from Storage 2U, you can deliver effective cold storage units to any location, giving you the flexibility to access perishable items whenever and wherever you need them.

Keeping Your Valuables & Inventory at a Constant Temperature

Storage 2U is committed to providing cold storage solutions that fit your unique needs. Our portable containers are designed to be able to store your items at refrigerator temperatures to keep them intact over the long haul. Our business storage containers are also efficiently-shaped and low to the ground, fitting seamlessly within your driveway or loading area. This allows you to bring the storage units as close to your business as possible, making it easy to load and unload perishable items quickly and effortlessly. Besides precision and convenience, our units are also secure and durable, safeguarding your items from thieves, weather, and other threats.Storage 2U keeps a large supply of storage units in stock, and are happy to deliver these portable containers to you at a moment’s notice. Whether by phone or email, we respond quickly to your queries, giving you the storage rental you need as soon as you need it.

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Portable Cold Storage for Bend, Oregon

In delivering cold storage units directly to you, Storage 2U strives to save you both time and money. Rather than going out of your way to pick up our storage units, simply wait for us to drop them off, allowing you and your staff to focus on more productive activities. This improves efficiency and saves you the value of lost production. You can rent our units for as long as you need them, and as soon as you’re finished, we will pick them back up.

Don’t settle for subpar storage with your perishable items. For more information on obtaining portable and affordable cold storage rentals at the location that suits you best, contact Storage 2U today!

* Cold Storage is Only Available in Central Oregon