Portable Storage in Portland, Vancouver and Central Oregon

Let’s face it, sometimes you just need a little more space

If you are looking for short-term or long-term home storage containers. Storage 2U’s portable storage units are the new smart way to keep your furniture and valuables safe while you are moving, remodeling or just need more space. We have two convenient size residential storage units to fit your need, 8’x8’x16’ or 8’x8’x20′.

Our Home Storage containers are the smart way to store your stuff because we do all the driving and you can stay in the comfort of your home. We will bring one of our residential storage units right to your home, apartment or condo. And don’t worry, our home storage units are not those ugly rust bucket shipping container. Storage 2U uses modern, clean, attractive and easy to use storage units that are specifically designed for portable storage uses, and not for shipping goods across the sea. We also have business storage units available if you need to move items or store items at your business or office.
pod container
By keeping our double doors low to the ground, we make loading and unloading a breeze. No heavy roll-up doors that are 4 feet off the ground and require a long ramp to load. Our double doors are over 6 feet wide to fit even your large furniture and the floor is only 4 inches off the ground to make it easy to bring your stuff in and out.
With our portable home storage units, you can clear out your garage or free up some more space in your house, apartment or condo with ease. No need to waste your weekends making multiple runs loading and unloading at a mini storage and likely end up breaking your possessions or harming your vehicle. We will bring one of our clean, attractive storage units to you and put it right where you want it to make loading simple and easy. Then, when you are ready we will come back and take it away.
clean out the garage

Storage 2U units are not only clean and attractive they are also waterproof, ventilated to prevent moisture and made of high-grade steel to keep your stuff safe and secure. All you need is a pad-lock and your stuff is secure.

After you’re done storing your stuff onsite and you want it moved, we can come pick it up and conveniently move it for you. Or if your home storage needs are over, we will simply come remove it from your location.