Portable Storage Unit Pricing in NW Oregon and SW Washington

Storage 2U offers portable storage at reasonable prices in NW Oregon and SW Washington and the surrounding areas. Serving both businesses and families, we make sure you have all the storage capacity you need, whenever and wherever you need it.

Delivery Rates


Delivery: Starting at $90 one way. Calculate your rate instantly below.

Moving Rates


Moving: Starting at $90 one way. Send us your Free Estimate Request for your moving rate.

Storage Rates


16′ Storage Unit
Cost $185 for a 28 day rental

20′ Storage Unit
Cost $205 for a 28 day rental

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If you have a large volume of goods that must be securely stored, take a look at our:

16 Foot Portable Storage Units

At 16 feet in length, 8′ width, and 8′ height, these portable containers can hold the same amount of furniture as 3 to 4 rooms in a typical house, or roughly 1,024 cubic feet. If you want one of these units, we will deliver it to you starting at $90 each way. Likewise, if you need to move it, we’ll do so, at a starting rate of $90. Calculate your rate instantly

The price of these 16 foot units is $185 for a 28 day rental.

20 Foot Portable Storage Units

For customers looking to store especially large amounts of furniture or equipment, we can deliver 20 foot units to your home or business. These units can hold 1,280 cubic feet of items, the equivalent of 4 or 5 rooms full of furniture or the bed of a 24 foot truck. This is ideal if you’re moving into a big house or transporting a large volume of business equipment.

We charge the same rental delivery and movement fees for these units as we do for the 16 foot ones: $90 starting rate for each trip. Calculate your rate instantly

20 foot units cost $205 for a 28 day rental. You’ll never have to choose between staying within your budget and obtaining a convenient, portable, secure, reliable storage container.

Delivery CostContact us for a quote!

At Storage 2U, we do not want to surprise you with hidden or unexpected fees. When you contact us for your free estimate, we will instantly calculate your rate and give you an accurate quote. Know exactly what to expect and how much your rental will cost, without surprises, when you rent from us.

If you are a homeowner that plans to use a storage container in a residential area, we highly recommend choosing one of our 20’ or 16’ containers. These storage units are much more aesthetically pleasing and are designed to be easily transported onto your property. Save money on delivery and pickup fees with residential storage containers.

Lot Storage

If you need to store your loaded storage unit for a while, we can help. We can move the unit to our secure facility and store it for a $50 monthly fee, in addition to your regular monthly rental fee.

Lot Rental (28 days) $50
Lot Rental (14 days) $25

Other Equipment

Do you need to secure your portable storage unit? Storage 2U offers the most secure padlock for our storage containers. You can have peace of mind knowing your valuables are safe with Storage 2U padlocks. Padlocks are available to purchase for an additional fee of $14.99 per unit.

Padlock $14.99
Dolly Rental $25

Portable storage units are a great investment for your home or company, but like any investment, you have to make sure that you’re buying at the right price. Such units come with a number of different types of costs, including the initial delivery fee, the price of moving it, and the monthly rental cost; many of these costs depend on how far away you need it and how long you’ll be using it. Only by weighing all these pricing factors can you make the best decision about how and when to use portable storage.

Storage 2U offers these storage options and more to customers in NW Oregon, SW Washington and beyond. For more information or to obtain a portable storage unit for your home or business, contact us today.